Anyone that has been diagnosed with Lyme disease or mold illness knows the importance of detoxification as part of the healing process.  Surprisingly, some of the most common avenues of toxin introduction into the body are often overlooked.  Whether you have Lyme disease, another chronic illness, or not, consider these very simple methods of eliminating toxic chemicals, pesticides, and heavy metals from entering your body.

With the number of things that most of us likely already have in terms of toxins and the amount of work we do to remove them, why keep adding to the burden?  If the toilet is already stopped up, would you want to keep adding more waste matter to it?
Air Filtration

In addition to having Lyme disease, mold sensitivity was also one of my challenges in addition to having a number of allergies.  A good home air purifier can be a useful option; though it will generally not be enough to make an unsafe living environment safe.  The units that I use personally and think are excellent options are the Air Oasis and the IQAir HealthPro Plus.  I have been very pleased with both of them.  
Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker MD has recently talked about his excitement with the Air Oasis air filtration systems.  I purchased one of the Air Oasis 3000 units and the Mobile Sanifier.  I use the mobile one when I am away in a hotel room and want to have the cleanest air possible.  Thus far, I like both of these units very much.

Now, the REALLY cool news!  You can get the Air Oasis devices at a discount.  I wish I had found before I bought mine.  To get this savings, go to, enter "21" in the Health Partner ID code at the top right, Register, and then you will see your discounted prices.  
Shower Filtration
Through my involvement in the Lyme and mold community, I meet with and talk to dozens of people each week.  Surprisingly, very few seem to use filtered water for showering and bathing or even drinking.  Please consider filtration as an option for helping to remove unnecessary exposures and potential further damage to your health.
A long, hot shower or bath creates the perfect environment for the inhalation of toxic chemicals or penetration through the skin into the body.  It is reported that the toxic elements one may introduce into the body from shower and bath water may be 100 times greater than that from drinking tap water.  If we, as a society, focus on drinking bottled water, why do we also not install a relatively inexpensive shower filter to protect our health from the ravages of toxic chemicals?

"We conclude that skin absorption of contaminants in drinking water has been underestimated and that ingestion may not constitute the sole or even primary route of exposure."
-American Journal of Public Health

When bathing, it is often best to fill the bath water with the shower attachments so that the water is filtered as this type of filter works better than most bath filters I have seen.  While I have used several of these over the years, if I were getting another one, I would probably try the Berkey Shower Filter as the Berkey water filters for drinking water are very good.

Water Filtration

I don't think anyone would debate the need for filtering your daily drinking water as well to remove as many contaminants as possible from becoming an added part of your total body burden.  There are many different options available.
I personally use a system that was recommended by Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, the creator of the Biomodulator, an energy device used by many with chronic illness to raise cellular voltage.  The company is phPrescription.  As far as I can tell, this is one of the very best units available as it makes water that is actually health-supporting and not dead water like most reverse osmosis systems. 
Another line of water filtering products that have a lot of science behind them and may be worth a look are the devices from Purative.  They offer several different models.
One that I have gotten a great deal of positive feedback on is the Berkey Water Filter.  These filters have a great reputation and don't require connecting them to your plumbing which is a nice bonus for ease of use and minimizing the chances of another leak in your house!
If you do use any of the products found on this page, I would welcome your feedback.  If you have other devices that you have found even better, please let me know.
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