It isn't that often that I get excited about a supplement as I have seen many of them come and go over the years.  I learned about RESTORE several months ago but at the time didn't understand what it was all about.  At AutismOne in May 2015, I talked with the RESTORE team at their booth at the conference.  I was impressed with some photographs they showed of how tight junctions in the gut improved after using the product.  I've been using it now since and will almost certainly continue indefinitely as I do believe that a focus on gut health is a key to improving health.

According the the manufacturer's web site, RESTORE "promotes digestive wellness, supports immune function, and increases mental clarity". They go on to state that "RESTORE can repair the gut damage caused by glyphosate and can block additional damage" and "RESTORE blocks gluten's effect on intestinal tissue and it even repairs the damage to those tissues." 

This doesn't mean we get a free ticket to eating gluten, but it may mean that some of these insults may not have the same damage that they might have if we are exposed to them from time to time.

Anything that can help minimize the impact of gluten, GMO, and glyphosate on my health is something that gets my attention. They call RESTORE the "gut's firewall of protection".  If it does half of what it sounds like it does, I think this could be a very exciting new option for supporting GI health and improving tight junction damage which is involved in leaky gut.

I have since watched several presentations from Dr. Zach Bush MD from RESTORE and suggest that you do as well.  Listen to his lectures and see if the product resonates with you as it does with me.  Here are a few links:

The articles "Welcome to RESTORE" and "You Know It In Your Gut" are additional sources of information about the product.

In listening to the lectures above, I found it interesting that once someone is using RESTORE, they do not suggest using probiotics or digestive enzymes.  

Another cool thing is that the company has a 90 day guarantee which seems rare these days.  

Note: No claims are being made about this product.  Any potential benefits listed are based on information provided by the manufacturer or my personal experience.  As with any potential therapy, please consult with your doctor before starting something new.  

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