I've written about PEMF therapies in the past and the many overall benefits that it may provide.  My previous article on this topic can be found here.  I've explored several of these devices over the years, and I finally found one that is doing something positive for me.  

My first exploration into this realm was borrowing one of the earlier versions of one of the leading devices for a couple of months from a friend.  This was several years ago now.  It seemed like a nice device and I have heard good feedback from people on their newer system.  However, I didn't personally feel anything when I tried it.  

I later purchased another leading PEMF mat device and was very excited about it.  It's got a very friendly user interface and I thought it was going to be the ticket for me.  Unfortunately, I didn't really feel any changes and it sat unused for over a year before I finally sold it.  Again, I've heard some people say that they had good response to it.  I'm all for what works, and I recognize that different people respond favorably to different options.

I leased another 20K+ device for about 2 months and used that almost daily to help with ongoing back pain.  It helped.  I was impressed with the response, but I could not justify the cost.  When I sent the device back, the pain returned.

In September 2013, at one of the conferences I attended, I heard a couple of doctors talk very positively about the MAS system.  I tried it a few times during that weekend and after I went back to the lecture, I noticed that I felt really warm.  It wasn't feverish warm though; my sense was that it really improved my circulation which led to the sensation.  I was excited that I felt something!

A few months later, I decided to rent the MAS for one month to see if I felt any further benefit.  After the month was over, I definitely continued to feel improvements in circulation.  Given many of the benefits that I have learned PEMF can provide and after having one of my naturopaths report that I positively responded to the system on an energetic level, I decided to purchase the MAS system.  

I've been using it regularly for over two years now and do feel like it is working well.  Another observation that I have had is that I seem to need to increase my binders as it seems that the PEMF may have been helping me to release stored toxins.  Another interesting observation was that my testosterone levels notably increased as confirmed by blood work.  I finally seem to have found a PEMF system that I can feel working, and I'm excited!

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